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Prop Firm’s Solution

Prop Firm EA

Our Prop Firm EA can pass your challenge. Use the 24/7 available live chat below to get started, our average response time is 5 minutes.

*We only take a few spots per month to avoid prop firm maximum capital allocation for EA! 30 Days Risk Free Guarantee!


Prop Firm EA Price

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How can i contact you?

We are available 24/7 on telegram

Send us a message, our average response time is 5 minutes or email


Is your prop firm ea allowed by prop firms?

Yes, prop firms allow our prop firm ea and the use of EAs (Expert Advisors). Here’s a link with all of the prop firms that allow EA trading:



How long does it take to pass the challenge?

It depends on the risk settings you apply. Once you purchase the EA you will get a sheet with the optimal risk parameters for every account size. Nonetheless, with our risk parameters every challenge can be passed within the required time.



Can I use your prop firm EA on funded accounts?

Definitely! You can use it on both Challenge and Funded accounts.



Why choose a prop firm EA instead of a passing service?

Passing services that include trading by other people are against the rules of all prop firms. You risk to lose your account if you share your login details with someone else to pass your challenge.

EAs are allowed by almost all prop firms and you never have to share your login details with anyone else.



What account sizes can I use it on?

You can use it on any account size.



Can I use your EA on funded accounts?

Definitely! You can use our EA on both Challenge and Funded accounts.


Pass your prop firm challenge with our prop firm EA. Enjoy consistent and passive profits every single day from only $50 per month.


According to FTMO, only 10% of people who try their challenges actually pass them. We know how hard it is to pass prop firm challenges. The odds are not in your favor and the rules make it very hard for most traders to make any progress. That’s why we specifically designed a prop firm ea to pass your challenge so you can relax and watch it do its job. Once purchased you can use the trading bot for as many challenges as you wish and you can even let it trade on your funded account for passive income!

Why Choose Us

10X Your Profit Splits With Our Personalized prop Farming Model

Prop Farming Blueprint is the exact blueprint for how anyone can make money “Prop Farming” without risking any of your own capital.

Prop Firm EA Milestones

Customised set file per client

500+ Clients Funded

96.8% Challenge Pass Rate

Unlimited Accounts License

30 Days Risk free Guarantee

Outsmart the trading firms

Tired of failing prop firm challenges? Let our prop firm ea trading bot do it for you! You will never have to worry about hitting the max loss limit ever again!

We only take a few spots per month! 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee! 

Our results aren’t just numbers, they’re real proves


Funded with our EA


Startup capital raised

8% to 16% 

Average monthly returns

“I purchased the MT5 version 6 days ago, completed the first phase of the challenge, and posted a proof in the VIP group. I also purchased the MT4 versions today in order to compare the results. Good job!

United States